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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fly Southwest and keep your ipod!

Last Monday I went to LA to meet with Amy Sherman. We went down to talk to the California / Nevada Credit Union League about Amy's Econonmis program. Economis is an excellent web based 'token economy' that teaches kids econonic literacy through a very like program. We're looking to impliment the program in a local East Palo Alto school and offer the program to three to five other community partners.

We had a great time with the League and then headed back to the Ontario airport for our trip back to San Jose.

Amy is a great person. Very engaging and bright. She's written a few books including this one. She's recognized as a national leader in CCDA circles. NCUD is thrilled to be workign with her.

In EPA we had a great time meeting with our potential partners. I'm especially excited about working at my son's school East Palo Alto Stanford Academy. Jenni and I have alot or work to do to get ready for the roll out of our financial literacy initiative this fall.

However, on the trip back I forgot my ipod on the plane. I was depressed. My ipod is a high utility item for me as music is a big part of my life. I've digitized most of my music and packed away all of my almost 1000 cds. Once I found out I had forgotten the ipod I call the Southwest and made a report, but didn't have much faith that it would be found. To my delight I recieved a call today telling me my ipod was at the airport! I went to San Jose on the Harley and picked it up!

God is good! Southwest is good! Fly Southwest!

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