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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Much Was Your Hot Dog?

Just saw a video from my friend Travis at The Work of the People featuring Chris Seay. It's a great piece on our affluence and world poverty. See the video here.

I deal with poverty issues each day and, for sure, the issues folks deal with in the US are real and at times desperate. However, extreme poverty in other parts of the world is a whole different issue altogether.

In the end, I can say that I'm blessed to live in this country.

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  1. John,
    Great news on the OFFICIAL nod for the East Palo Alto Credit Union! Now the difficult work of turning Generational Norms toward saving and other prudent financial decisions!

    How wonderful that you are able to see the fruits of your labor from the last few years beginning to blossom!

    Thanks for your faithfulness and diligence to your calling from the Lord of the Harvest.