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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stuck in ORD

So - I'm on my way to the NFCDCU conference in New Orleans. I was asked to sit on a panel that is talking about emerging models in the community development credit union world. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more about other youth programs around the country.

My flight has been delayed two hours. A bunch have been cancelled, so we'll see what happens...

I should be working - I have a ton to do. BUT - I got up at 4:00 am and have the attention span of a flying bat right now - so I might as well blog. I've been somewhat sporadic in my postings, so now is a good time to catch you up on the last few weeks.

Random comment - There are two adorable little girls next to me, it's been fun talking to them. It seems like the whole airport is delayed.

Random comment - 4:05 departure...

Had a great time with Jeremy in New York a couple of weeks ago. Jeremy scored tickets for the Yankees / Red Sox game. Jeremy is a good guy. It's been good getting to know him over the past few years. I met Jeremy's brother Jonathan. So far all the DelRio's seem to be great folks.

My folks came up the day after I got back from NYC. Dad was working at a nuclear plant on the central coast. He was tired after working about 12 weeks straight. He took a much needed nap. Pastor Bains had Dad come up and say a few words from the pulpit. He's calls him his 'Italian Dad'.

So - we're getting closer to the credit union opening. The target date is August 8th. The next few weeks are nuts for me, starting with this trip to New Orleans. Next week we're hosting a breakfast to let folks know about the project and how they can get involved. I'm working hard to prepare a presentation for that meeting. Last Saturday we had a strategic planning retreat. It was a great day to look at where we've been and where we're going. Rob McClelend facilitated the meeting. I met with him yesterday and he gave me a bunch of homework (no wonder why he's a professor). I'll post more about that later. Then, on July 13th we have our golf tournament. Crazy times. I remarked to Melissa yesterday that this feels like the busiest time of our life, as least since we lived in Mexico.

Random Comment - met a cool young lady over a Cesar salad. We talked about purpose in life. Thanks for putting stuff into context, Rick Warren.

Maria Chavez, who will be the Senior Branch Manager of the credit union left her job at BCM and is now in training in Modesto for the CU opening. Before she left she threw a fun 'life change' party at her friend's house. Cindy Porras (Mora) and Greg Mora came. Maria, Cindy and Greg were in our youth group in Modesto. It was SUCH a blessing to see them, all grown up but thriving. They almost feel like 'our' kids. Melissa and Kim also took a turn at Karoke.

Kim - I have proof that you're not all 'COGIC'!!

Random thought - everyone is bored here.

Well - I better run, think they might be boarding soon. Time to stretch my legs a little.

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