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Monday, June 11, 2007

Photos from New Orleans

Had a great time in New Orleans. The conference was great. I made some good contacts and heard more about what is was going on in the community development credit union world. By chance my sister Kelli and her family were in town. I don't get much time with Kelli - but I love her a ton. Saul and the kids (Noah and Lilli) were also there. It was great to see them...

Came back on Saturday night - and promptly go the flu. I went to church yesterday, had much with Max (who is in town for a BCM training) then went to bed.

Had crawfish (yes, I sucked the heads) gumbo and all the favorite New Orleans stuff.

After many years it was a trip to be in the city. I had lots of flashbacks. When I was with YWAM schooling we did the first part of our Discipleship Training School outreach in New Orleans. It feels like that was a lifetime ago. The last time I was in New Orleans was when Melissa and I stopped in during our first California to Florida trip when we were engaged. I have some very interesting pictures of us, very young and bright eyed.

I didn't get out to the lower 9th ward where the Katrina damage was but the storm is very much on the heart of many in N.O.

It's good to be back home... I now have a credit union to open this summer!

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